Rink Wide: Vancouver

3 wins in 5 games

I just want to clarify something with the two of you.
JP said 3 wins out of 2 wouldn’t cut it for this road trip but I disagree. If they win 3 of every 5 games for the rest of the season, there is a good chance they will make the playoffs. Here’s the math;
19 games in: 6 W 2 OTL = 14 pts
Each ten game stretch winning 6 games = 12 pts
6 x 12 = 72pts (6, 10 game stretches)
= 79 GP, 86 pts

2 more wins in the final 3, 4 pts = 90 pts total.

PLUS any OTL pts they get. Surely you would concede that they can get 8 OTL pts in 63 remaining games.

So how do they not make the playoffs doing that? 3/5 wins does work. Maybe work on the negative thinking you’ve got going on!
Other than that, love the podcast!!

Nov. 23, 2021 by fiftyin39 on Apple Podcasts

Rink Wide: Vancouver