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They know their Nucks! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

JPat and Wadden give you all the Canucks you can handle. No fluff, no candy coating, just honest, smart coverage. Couple of beauties!

JPat is good but

Wadden is also good!

Rink wiiiiide

The show that always scores!

Rink Wide

Jeff, Andrew: Excellent work, analysis and guests. Thank you.You both are my go to after every game where this Canucks fan of 60 years (back to the WHL) seem endlessly to be crying into my martini. Keep up your engaging and interesting perspective. Glad you are there during these hard scrabble times, gentlemen. Best wishes of the season to you both. Cheryl

Rink Wide review..

Excellent as always. Andrew and Jpat seem to make the most sense of what they hear and watch when they breakdown the Canucks. Always interesting and insightful opinions that are clear and unbiased. Love listening to them especially when they are having fun on the podcast. My only wish is that they were longer. Love the new logo. Very hip.

Canucks focused

JPat and Wadzy always bring the heat. Very knowledgeable and well connected with the Canucks and the fan base. I do wish they did daily shows dedicated to the playoffs when the Canucks aren’t involved. Breaking down the biggest games at the biggest time of year. But besides that, great pod. I listen to every episode.

Daily Canucks Shows On Demand

I’ve moved 100% over from the Athletic’s VanCast to this show. Have always appreciated JPat and now am enjoying Andrew Wadden too. They are knowledgeable, fair, and give credit where credit’s due. That’s been a breath of fresh air as the Canucks have had their resurgence under BB. Love the intersplicing of player/coach quotes in the post game show too. I’m a fan!

Best of the Canucks podcast out there

Led by the seasoned vet, J Pat makes Rink Wide the must listen to podcast on all things Canucks. It keeps me entertained and informed throughout the season. Andrew and JPat keeps me company on my runs and when I’m in line ups! The only Canuck podcast I listen to.

Must listen Canucks coverage

If you are a Canuck’s fan you must listen to this for excellent insight and coverage.

3 wins in 5 games

I just want to clarify something with the two of you. JP said 3 wins out of 2 wouldn’t cut it for this road trip but I disagree. If they win 3 of every 5 games for the rest of the season, there is a good chance they will make the playoffs. Here’s the math; 19 games in: 6 W 2 OTL = 14 pts Each ten game stretch winning 6 games = 12 pts 6 x 12 = 72pts (6, 10 game stretches) = 79 GP, 86 pts 2 more wins in the final 3, 4 pts = 90 pts total. PLUS any OTL pts they get. Surely you would concede that they can get 8 OTL pts in 63 remaining games. So how do they not make the playoffs doing that? 3/5 wins does work. Maybe work on the negative thinking you’ve got going on! Other than that, love the podcast!!

Best in our market!!

If you want to listen to the best analysis, insight and perspective on all things Canucks/NHL…this is the place to find it. There isn’t any competition in the Vancouver market…that even comes close to Rink Wide. Andrew and JPat give honest, balanced and relevant perspective that has been missing in our market for the longest time. Hey…they even answer your texts!

Daily goodness

I love that we can get a daily in depth dive into any Canucks news from the day. The length is great. An hour seems to be the perfect amount of time to discuss daily news. Any longer and you’d be discussing food and pop culture (Donnie…..)

The Goat

Jpat……. That’s it…. He’s the Goat!

More guests

Great listening. JPat and Andrew bring it! How about two hours?

Rink Wide is Top Shelf

After ejecting the C-rate talent and brining on J-Pat, Rink Wide is a great listen. Good on you Wadden. Best of luck with the new gig.

Great that Rink Wide is back

Excited about the new show. JPat is such a pro and Wadden will bring his passion and skill. Great combination

New host?!?!

I love JPat but the Wadden JD Burke combo was great. And why did JPat have to leave the Vancast? Is Rink Wide under the Sekeres and Price umbrella?

Best sports show

Great for people who play hockey,baseball,tennis,basketball,soccer,frisbee and all the other sports

Deserving of your listen

Always insightful, always entertaining

Great show

Best canucks podcast on the market. This is the closest thing we have left now that we no longer have the beloved Patcast.

Fav Canucks Pod

Great work boys. Love the show. Looking forward to the draft coverage!

In Depth coverage of Canucks

Burke and Wadden do an excellent job of breaking down where the Canucks are going. Won't be back for a bit and it's well worth the time on Saturday's when the season resumes.

Rink Wide

Excellent work, analysis and guests J.D., Andrew and Harman. Thank you.


Looking deeper into the data and making sense of it. Informative and different point of view then most radio/podcasts!

Great Pod Cast

Jt has good insight. He is one of my fav to listen to. Good Utica updates as well

Great Canuck content

I like the in depth analysis and casual yet professional flow of the chat. Keep it up.

Hot New Pod

Excellent in depth coverage on the Vancouver Canucks and Utica Comets. This podcast provides the listener with a great review of the previous week of hockey, without all of the advertisements you would normally listen to on the radio. 5/5. Keep up the good work boys!

Great in-depth analysis on the Canucks

This podcast has great in-depth analysis on the Canucks that dives deep into the stats. I enjoy all of it.

Best new Canucks podcast

The only Canucks podcast that goes deep into advanced stats. Loving the show, keep up the great work!


Nice to have JD back on the airwaves! Nice start, looking forward to weekly content from these guys.