May 16, 2023

Lekkerimäki Loan

Andrew Wadden and Jeff Paterson begin by discussing the remaining teams in the Sunbelt final four and how it may impact TV ratings. They also delve into the news that Canucks prospect Jonathan Lekkerimäki will be loaned out to the SHL in Sweden, specifically to the team Orebro, and speculate on the reasons behind this decision and the lukewarm reception from Canucks fans regarding Lekkerimäki's underwhelming first season.

The talk then shifts to the Canucks’ core players and compare them to the Dallas Stars’ core. They analyze the players considered part of the Canucks’ core, including Hughes, Pettersson, Demko, and Miller, and discuss the challenges the team faces in building a competitive roster. They highlight the success of the Stars’ core players and how their contracts have defied initial expectations.

The hosts wrap up the episode with a lighthearted mention of Bo Horvat’s banner still hanging at the Canucks bar and grill at YVR, acknowledging that it’s a minor issue in comparison to other challenges facing the team.

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